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Géogelere Pheonix
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Magician Pheonix

My Altar

I was exposed to the occult from my teen years. I spent a lot of time at my aunts who is a pagan. She was a member of a coven but as the years went by and the crone took hold her involvement in that particular coven become less and less active and more and more oracle in nature.  While my aunt does NOT hold an active status in that group she is still close to her sisters.


So as you can imagine I learnt about candles and incense young. I think I was about 12 when I first caught my aunt doing a ritual. I remember the day very well. I was playing outside with my cousins when I went inside to grab a drink of lime cordial (that was the fashion back then).  I noticed my aunt sitting at the kitchen sink muttering some words and waving her hand over a candle. From that day on I was mesmerized on the concept of the occult or that things could be manifested from true and pure will and intent.


I have researched many paths Gardnerian, Alexandrian, Dianic , Ceremonial, Correllian, Faery, Druidic and many others.  All of these traditions have great foundation and basis to work from but they each just weren't quite right for me.  I am not sure what it was for each but you know when you get that feeling of "something just ain't jelling".  I think the openess, ethical and democratic values deeply inbeded in Seax overall drew me towards the tradition and away from the mainstream paths.


I then found the book The Tree: The Complete Book of Saxon Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland.  I think it took me only an hour to read as there is not much in it. To be honest I think I felt a little let down considering my heart pounded while I read it but it was over before I knew it. But then I read an article which was critiquing the book. I realized that the lack of information was not a flaw oft eh author rather an integral part of the seaxon learning process.  The book, no book rather is meant to be the be all and end all of a tradition. That is what The Tree was about. It gave me the basics to start from and it was up to me to continue my learning and growth.


Seax Wicca gives me the freedom to explore and reassess my beliefs and practice while maintaining a core belief system that fits in all facets of my life.  I cannot explain in words how profoundly invigorating my journey has been since find Seax Wicca.  But I can say that I recommend everyone to educate yourself on as much as you can.  It is easy to cast judgment on those things we fear or do not know but it is much more challenging to understand the why instead of the where.


Once again I hope you have a great stay and please contact me on my email: if you wish to get in touch, or ask me any questions.

©2004 Phoenix.