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The Tree

The Tree (BoS)

Like most other Witches the Saxon have a Book of Shadows. A journal of private thoughts, magical experiences, a detailed outline of their beliefs and practices, and the list goes on.  But within Seax Wica it is refered to as 'The Tree' and every individual's book is a branch of the Coven Tree; each page a leaf of the Tree.

The Saxons stress that two things should always be remembered, where Magick is concerned:


(i)  Witchcraft is first and foremost a religion. Worship of the Gods is therefore the prime concern of the Witch. Magick is secondary to that worhship.  So no one should think of becoming a Witch just to learn to work Magick;


(ii)  Magick must never be used to harm anyone. *


* This does not include uncrossing a person, universal Justice, defensive measures, binding etc.




Galdra is the Saxon term for 'Magick'. A Galdorcraeftig is 'a person profcient in Magick'. Like most other traditions of Witchcraft there are a number of rituals, rites and spellcraft that are taught as part of the ongoing training of any Gesith (initiated Witch).  Such Magick includes (but not limited to):

- Protection from Evil

 - Love

- Healing

- Ceremonies (Wheel of the Year)



Hwata is the Saxon term for 'Divination' also refered to as 'Augury'.  This deals with attempting to find out what the futre holds.  As you probably know there are many methods of divination and ways from obtaining this knowledge.  The most common forms of divination used by most traditions are cartomancy (by cards), cheiromancy (by the palms of the hands), tasseography (tea leaves), and scrying (Crystal- or Mirror-gazing) below are two of the Saxon divination methods.


The Saxon Wands - This is a set of seven wands usually made of willow or oak branches (but in such moderns times any fibre will do). Three wands are of nine inches in length and the remaining twelve inches in length. One of the longer wands is marked as the WITAN WAND. This method is similar to the concept of runic reading.


Tarot - While Tarot divination is not specifically a Saxon invention the spread we use is unique to the Saxon Tradition.



Lucnunga is the Saxon term for 'Herbal Lore'.  The Book of Shadows for most Witches holds maintains of information on such herbal lore and recipes.  The Saxons are no different. Within each 'Tree' is found experiences and their results for futre referece. Much like those of other traditions.

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