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er Galdre Gumod
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Other Magical People

There are very few other websites on the internet regarding Seax Wica. This is mainly due to the saturation of mainstream sites like Garnerian, Alexandiran, Dianic, Farey as well as the ever growing number of eclectic sites. - This is the central representing body of the Seax Wica Tradition in Australasia.  They are a great sorce of information and reference for any avid crafter or beginer.  - This is a United Kingdom based Seax Wica Coven.  They are a beautiful group who Honor the Seax tradition with their wisdom and committment.  - This is a very well respected writer and poet of the pagan path.  He is without doubt one of the most prolific thinkers in modern craft times. - This is another Seax Wica Coven based in America.  - This is the official Raymond Buckland website.

Other Sites of Interest - This site is dedicated to the beautiful healing art of Reiki.  I am a Usui Shyki Ryoho Reiki Master and this is my site.

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