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Gesith nea Seax
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The Seax Witch

The Seax Tradition believes strongly in the practicality of the craft.  Each Gesith (initiated witch) has equal status among their brothers and sisters; but also the equal amount of personal and coven responsibility.  The journey of the Seax Gesith requires hard work, commitment, passion and the absolute belief in oneself.


Without this self-belief one can rely too heavily on others.  A great teacher of mine once said “loyalty is measured by the company in your shadow, but greatness is found in the creator of the shadow”.  From this comes the question:


Q)                Do you stand in the shadow or do you create the shadow?


For the Seax Gesith there can only be one answer and that is to create the shadow.  In other words; allow our teachers and wise ones to guide us on our journey but never must we become dependant on their advice to the extent that our journey is mapped out by the teacher.  Whether you are a solitary practitioner or a coven member; your journey begins from the moment you make your decision. 


Unlike most other traditions of the craft; the Seax Tradition believes in the validity of Self Dedication as an option in the event that an existing coven can not be located for initiation.  The Seax do encourage the open and constant communication between all Gesiths (solitary and covens) however you are neither advantaged or disadvantaged by choosing the solitary path.  In fact there is another section of the Seax tradition designed for enhancing the Solitary Practitioner – the Seax Lyblác.


There are a few stages of development that one completes before becoming a Seax Gesith.  The structure is much like most other traditions and it is as follows:


1.                 Theow (pronounced Tho).  These are people who don’t actually belong to the Seax craft.  Think of them as ‘friends of the Seax’.  They are permitted to attend ritual meetings but only by invitation.


2.                 Ceorl (pronounced Cawl). This is the seeker or neophyte stage. When the Theow has been to one or two meetings and wishes to learn more about the Seax Tradition, they are contemplating the possibility of becoming a member of the Seax Tradition. They are encouraged to question and to seek answers and is also trained in the use of the Witch Tools, the Hierarchy of the Coven, Herbal Lore and Divination.


3.                 Gesith.  After sufficient training by a teacher has been completed the Ceorl would be experienced enough to undertake initiation.  It is important to note that that the Seax Tradition does not have a degree system.  We do not believe in such a process of title or succession of power. All Gesiths are equal in the eyes of the gods and coven members.


·                     If you are unable to find an existing coven for such a journey or initiation you can become a Gesith by the Self Dedication Ritual.


If you wish to learn more about the Seax Tradition or wish to become a Seax Gesith then please contact me on

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